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Quantum heaps, cops and heapy categories

Department of Mathematics, University of Osijek
  • Algebras
  • Quantum Algebra
  • Rings


A heap is a structure with a ternary operation which is intuitively a group with a forgotten unit element. Quantum heaps are associative algebras with a ternary cooperation which are to Hopf algebras what heaps are to groups, and, in particular, the category of copointed quantum heaps is isomorphic to the category of Hopf algebras. There is an intermediate structure of a cop in a monoidal category which is in the case of vector spaces to a quantum heap about what a coalgebra is to a Hopf algebra. The representations of Hopf algebras make a rigid monoidal category. Similarly, the representations of quantum heaps make a kind of category with ternary products, which we call a heapy category.

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