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How to Measure an Information System's Efficiency?

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Microsoft Word - 16_Kea.doc MEB 2009 – 7th International Conference on Management, Enterprise and Benchmarking June 5‐6, 2009 ? Budapest, Hungary 213 How to Measure an Information System's Efficiency? András Keszthelyi Budapest Tech, Hungary [email protected] Abstract: The use of computer-based information systems has become part of our everyday life in the administration in the higher education as well while end-users usually do not satisfied with these scholar information systems (SIS). Our everyday experience is that our SIS having been grown up in the past years has some annoying problems even today. E.g. it is usually too slow. Beyond our personal experiences our students also reckon that it is too slow according to a student questionnaire. The low speed can have a number of reasons. I investigated the role or, in particular, the necessity of the three-level data modelling. In this paper I describe the circumstances of a measurement which has been executed by a colleague of mine and me. This measurement shows that better performance can be reached based on a 'good' data model even in a poorer environment. Keywords: database efficiency, scholar information system 1 What is a SIS? The administration of the scholar records of the students has become a great task for today which needs great resources. This is caused by not only the increasing number of students but the complexity of the credit system as well. In the „old” times the curriculum was a well-defined one which was mandatory for all students in only one possible way. Nowadays the curriculum is well defined, too, but there are a large number of possible ways to fulfill the requirements them. Students can decide their own way and velocity of their studies. The only main rule is a logical one: a student is allowed to register for a course if the prerequisite(s) of that course is fulfilled. E.g. one is not allowed to register for Mathematics II while didn't succeeded Math

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