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Measurements of Rate Constants for HO2 + NO and NH2 + NO Reactions by Time-Resolved Photoionization Mass Spectrometry

Laser Chemistry
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Absolute rate constants for HO2 + NO and NH2 + NO reactions were measured by a photoionization mass spectrometry coupled with a laser flash photolysis. HO2 and NH2 radicals were photoionized by an Ar resonance lamp and were detected as their parent ions (HO2+ and NH2+). The rate constants were determined to be K(HO2 + NO)=(6.5  ± 2.0) 10−12cm3molecule−1s−1K(NH2 + NO)=(1.9  ± 0.3) 10−11cm3molecule−1s−1 Both rates are consistent with those previously reported.

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