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Request for proposal for geothermal-electric power development, Island of Hawaii

Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc.
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  • Utility
  • Power Generation
  • Hawai??I Geothermal Project
  • Geothermal Engineering--Hawai??I
  • Geothermal Resources--Hawai??I


Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc. (HELCO), wishes to encourage and implement the development of geothermal-electric power generation on Hawaii so that this source of electric power will be available to fill the anticipated need for additional electrical generating capacity by the HELCO system by 1988. Since several organizations have indicated an interest in developing this resource, this Request for Proposal (RFP) is being promulgated in order to select an organization that is qualified to develop a firm source of steam suitable for use in generating electricity and, at the option of the organization, to develop the requisite steam-electric generating system to supply reliable electrical power that can be made available at the most favorable terms to HELCO and to HELCO's ratepayers.

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