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Bohai and Japan, friendship : A Treatise on Bohai

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  • Medicine


This paper focuses on writings and materials related to a nation which prospered and then disappeared very quickly in the Nara Heian period, and on the people involved in dealing with this nation. Japanese culture was greatly influenced by the culture of the continent, and the Korean peninsula, which connects the continent and Japan, played an important role in this process. It is therefore essential to consider the people, writings and materials of this nation. The author focuses on those people who made a contribution to the development of natural science. This paper deals only with the introductory aspect of the study and will look further at historical aspects in the next issues. Some consideration is given to the surroundings of our university, which is near Koma village, the habitation of the descendant of Kokuri, and to Josai University's desire to establish a everlasting friendly relationship with Yan-bian medical college.

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