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Separation of nitrogen and methane via periodic adsorption

AIChE Journal
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  • Mathematics


The periodic process utilizes a rapid pressure swing cycle in an adsorbent bed to effect the separation of gas mixtures. During the first portion of a cycle the compressed gas mixture flows into the adsorbent-filled column. Next, while the feed gas is restrained, an exhaust orifice is opened at the feed end of the column providing depressurization. The product stream is enriched in the component exhibiting the lowest coefficient of adsorption. A mathematical model based upon the assumption of instantaneous equilibrium between the gas phase and the adsorbed gas was formulated and solved to simulate the periodic, adsorption process. The measured nitrogen content of the product gas stream was found to correlate with the ratio of the product gas rate to the feed gas rate. At 24°C. the calculated pressure response, feed gas flow rate, and product gas composition correspond favorably with related experimental measurements for all values of the feed gas pressure, cycling frequency, and product gas flow rate within the ranges investigated.

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