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Optimization of total losses in information security sphere

Національний авіаційний університет
  • Vulnerability
  • Information Security
  • Mathematical Model
  • математическая модель
  • математична модель
  • Objective Function
  • інформаційна безпека
  • цільова функція
  • Информационная безопасность
  • Information Losses
  • Udc 004.056:621(045)
  • целевая функция
  • потери информации
  • уязвимость
  • УДК 004.056:621(045)
  • втрати інформації
  • вразливість


We consider a wide range of problems which appear from the confrontation between the two sides in the field of information security. The mathematical models are built, the problems arising during the process of searching for optimal solutions in the resource-limited protection are discussed, and the ways of overcoming them are suggested. The method can be used for calculating of the economic data of information security systems. The proposed method considers the significant number of key indicators and has several criteria of optimality that makes the method flexible and easy to use.

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