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Heated-air drying of oilseeds

Journal of Stored Products Research
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DOI: 10.1016/0022-474x(82)90002-9
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Abstract This paper describes experimental work on the drying of oilseeds. Resistance to air flow and drying rates, parameters needed for oilseed drier design, were measured. Safe drying temperatures were deter,ined in a small batch fluidized bed. Some sealed tube heating tests were also perforrned for comparison. Quality assessment was based on the effect of drying conditions on the germination of the seed and on the free fatty acid content and peroxide value of the extracted oil. Colour of the oil was also measured before and after a heat bleach test using a photometric method. Quality results indicate that germination is affected by heat above a critical drying air and seed temperature. For sunflower seed, safe drying air temperatures of 65, 60 and 55°C were obtained for initial moisture contents of 12, 14 and 16% respectively. For rapeseed, an inlet air temperature of 60°C caused no loss of germination for each initial moisture content. However, sealed tube heating of 16% m.c. sunflower and rapeseed at 60°C for 4 hr completely killed the seeds. Free fatty acid content and peroxide value were not significantly changed by the heat treatments in all cases, and oil colour after heat bleaching generally showed some improvement up to an air temperature of 70°C. At 80°C, however, substantial darkening of sunflower oil was observed.

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