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A Novel Compact HTS Interdigital Bandpass Filter Using CPW Quarter-Wavelength Resonators(<Special Section> Superconducting High-frequency Devices)

IEICE Transactions on Communications
"Institute of Electronics, Information and Communications Engineers"
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  • High Temperature Superconductor
  • Coplanar Waveguide
  • Bandpass Filter
  • Physics


A novel high temperature superconducting interdigital bandpass filter is proposed by using coplanar waveguide quarter-wavelength resonators. The CPW resonators are arranged in parallel, and consequently the filter becomes very compact. The filter is a 5-pole Cheby-shev BPF with a midband frequency of 5.0GHz and an equal-ripple fractional bandwidth of 3.2%. It is fabricated using a YBCO film deposited on an MgO substrate. The measured filtering characteristics agree well with EM simulations and show a low insertion loss in spite of the small size of the filter.

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