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Storage Correctness and Dynamic Data Support for Cloud Data

  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Integrity
  • Dependable Distributed Storage
  • Error Localization
  • Data Dynamics


Cloud users store their data in the cloud environment which is privileged by the service provider. Cloud users can access their cloud storage. Cloud storage is a model with virtualized pools of storage which is generally operated with large third party data centers which are distributed and spread across different geographical locations. A simple issue with cloud storage is that enterprises store “files and clouds stores “objects,” a new data construct that is required as part of its scalable architecture. In addition to this, there are other barriers to enterprise cloud storage adoption like security, availability, and performance. In this paper, we propose a flexible distributed storage integrity auditing mechanism, which utilizes the homomorphic token and distributed erasure-coded data to protect the data from the authorized access. The proposed model allows the users to audit the cloud storage with very light weight communication and computation cost. Users can safely delegate the integrity checking tasks to third party auditor and third party auditing will be provide unique token to the each user .The proposed scheme perfectly stores the data in the cloud and identifies any tamper at the cloud server and also support the dynamic operation tasks like updating, deleting, appending. This paper also addresses a process to avoid Collusion attacks of server modification by authorized users.

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