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Cervical Cancer Screening in South Eastern Nigeria

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  • Political Science


Aim: To provide a structure for the implementation of cervical cancer screening using the screen-and-treat method within a local government area in Anambra State with the goal of statewide implementation and possible adoption at the national level. Objectives: 1. To provide information on the current state of cervical cancer and current screening options in Nigeria 2. To highlight cervical cancer screening programs, through a systematic review, in other low-income and middle-income countries and identify strengths and weaknesses of those programs with the goal of incorporating lessons learned into the proposed program. 3. To describe the local and national context within which the program will be implemented 4. To determine the appropriate program theories that will form the basis upon which the program will be built. 5. To establish the goals and objectives of the program plan and the implementation of said goals and objectives 6. To provide the program implementers with a potential strategy for the evaluation of the program’s progress.

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