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Amending the proposal for a Council Decision adopting a research and training programme (1982-1986) in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion. COM (82) 159 final, 29 March 1982

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COMMISSION OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES COM(82) 159 final Brussels,29 March 1982 AMENDING THE PROPOSAL FOR A COUNCIL DECISION ADOPTING A RESEARCH AND TRA|NtNG PROGRAMME (1982-1985) tN THE FTELD OF CONTROLLED THERMONUCLEAR FUSION (submitted to the Council by the Commission) coM(82) 159 final Phil Text Box J-.Cs"r' 493 fusic:n (doc COM(81) Tl're European Parliamenc, consulced by letter att 24 19Bl by the Presidenf of the Council., has adopLed on 12 March 1982 an a.dviee in wtri-ch it approves this Proposal, provided that the Coruai"ssion endorses fhe amendments given in ANMX (underlined text). These amendments are esse.ntial-ly in agreeuent l+ith the recommendaf,iorrs of, rhe o'European Fr-rsion Review Panel" (noc. SEc (8!) 1933) and with the moti.- vat,icn of the initial proposal by the Ccrsmissiorr. llhe Conunissi,on preserrted to the Cou.nci.l Counci-l,:n adopting a researcLr and in the field of coiltrolled thernnonucLear The Corunission, on the basis of article the EAEC, modifies irs inirial proposal, posed by the Parlianent and presents to in AI.INEX. on 23 July 1981, a training progr:anme Pr:*posa1 f,c,r a {r982-r98rr} 357 f i.naL) " I 12 $2 of che Tt:eaty establish,ing introd,rcing aL1 the amendmenrs pro- the Couaci-l the Modificatiou given 3 * t 4-a,. InitiaL proposal / (doc. cou(81)357finaL),./ Second Rgc-ital ''ilhereas, in view of tire considerabLe efforts needed to reach the appLi- cation stage of eontrol.ied thermonu- clear fusion, whieh could be of benefit to the Community, particuLarly in the wider eontext of the security of its long-term energy supplies, the various srages of development, of the work hitherto undertaken in this field should continue on a joint basis i Modification ic tlie Prcposal for a Council Decision adopiirrg a rcsearch ar:d trai-nin; t*::;sitl5ie (19e2-'19'3f',\ in the f ieLd <,f cr,riti-oLLed thc;"mcnucLe;l fus'icn Second Recit.aL Whereas, in view of the considerable efforts neede

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