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Effect of high alpha-particle fluences on phosphate-glass detectors

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  • [Phys:Phys:Phys_Chem-Ph] Physics/Physics/Chemical Physics
  • [Phys:Phys:Phys_Chem-Ph] Physique/Physique/Chimie-Physique


The effect of high alpha-particle fluences (3 x 10(13)-2 x 10(15) cm(-2)) on the line-recording properties of the two types of phosphate-glass detectors with different compositions was studied. The glass samples were exposed to accelerated Si ions and fission fragments before and after their irradiation with the accelerated 3.1-MeV alpha-particle beam, perpendicular to the sample surfaces, and with alpha-particles from a Ra-226 radioactive source in a solid angle of about 2 pi. It was shown that the recording properties of glass detectors depended on the alpha-particle fluence, spatial distribution of the alpha-particle paths, and glass type. The critical alpha-particle fluences, above which the detector properties changed, were determined.

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