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High-Resolution Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrum of CF2CH2in the ν8Region near 1300 cm−1

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy
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DOI: 10.1006/jmsp.1993.1030
  • Physics


Abstract The Fourier transform infrared spectrum of CF 2CH 2 has been investigated in the ν 8 band region around 1301 cm −1 with a resolution near the Doppler limit. This fundamental of symmetry species B 1, mainly involving the CF 2 asymmetric stretching motion, gives rise to a strong b-type band. The rovibrational analysis in the P, Q, and R branches led to the identification of more than 2800 lines with J, K a , and K c values up to 71, 53, and 70, respectively, which were fitted using the Watson′s A-reduction Hamiltonian in the I r representation. A least-squares fit of the assigned transitions provided a set of accurate rotational and quartic centrifugal distortion constants for the first excited vibrational state of the ν 8 band. A weaker b-type absorption at 1320 cm −1, mostly dispersed under the very strong fundamental, has also been analyzed and the band has been attributed to the 3ν 10 overtone. From about 570 assigned transitions with J, K a , and K c up to 55, 17, and 55, for the most part belonging to the R branch, a set of molecular constants was determined for the v 10 = 3 state of CF 2CH 2.

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