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Letter from Arnold Thackray to Joshua Lederberg

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UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVA PHILADELPHIA 19104 Faculty of Arts & Sciences DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY AND Soao~oG~ OF SCIENCB 215 South 34th Street D6 215-243-8400 5 August 1983 Dr. Joshua Lederberg President Rockefeller University 66th & York Avenue New York, NY 10021 Dear Josh, York East Hoping very much that it might be possible to see you on a visit to New I called your office, only to discover you were in Stanford. You will come as I head West for my year at CASBS. So . . . Thus your Your In practice, I shall have to be back here on several occasions in the year. I hope it will prove possible to meet with you, both to have the benefit of good perceptions on CASBS itself and to discuss the wider scene with you. interest in my career, and your practical action, has been most appreciated. The ACS has just given me its Dexter Award - not exactly the Nobel, but I'm proud to be the youngest recipient ever. And I shall give the Sarton lecture to the AAAS next May. Meanwhile CHOC continues to develop in an encouraging manner - I can now see my way to and past my first million dollars, and the American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineers has just agreed to become the Center's co-sponsor. So life is not dull. It was good to read your excellent appreciation of David Hamburg in Science. "Managing" academic and scientific affairs becomes demanding in a way that would startle a Darwin, let alone a Newton. With all best wishes. As ever, Lr: J/ Arnold Thackray

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