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NIEHS Hosts Televised Earth Day Symposium

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Environmental Health Perspectives
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e - Jane Henney, deputy commissioner for operations, FDA, and Kenneth Olden finalize an interagency agreement between NCTR and NIEHS. the toxicology testing efforts of the National Toxicology Program, which is made up of NIEHS, NCTR, and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. The agreement speeds up the studies of chemicals nominated by the FDA and tailors the study protocols to the needs of FDA. "The National Toxicology Program is at the forefront of our national initiative on prevention of disease, and this agreement furthers NTP's ability to ac- complish its goals," says Olden. NTP goals that will be better attained through the new agreement include short- ening the time between nomination of a chemical and the time testing begins; increasing the ability to predict the car- cinogenicity of a particular chemical; more fully utilizing NCTR's laboratory and sup- port facilities; and providing information on study results in a more timely manner. Under the new agreement, the first chemi- cal to be studied for its toxicological prop- erties is chloral hydrate, a chemical inter- mediary in the production of chlorinated pesticides, which is also used as a short- term anxiety suppressant. NIEHS Mammalian Development Workshops The NIEHS has recently concluded a series of workshops, "Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Mammalian De- velopment." The objective of the work- shops was to review progress being made in the rapidly advancing field of molecular biology and relate it to developmental toxi- cology and human development. The workshops also served as the groundwork for upcoming events, including a sympo- sium on "Female Germ Cell Development and Toxicology," to be conducted as part of the Annual Meeting of the Environ- mental Mutagen Society in Norfolk, Virginia, in April 1993. In addition, the National Academy of Sciences plans to hold a symposium this summer that will present an expanded scientific program built around the important findings and research recommendations of

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