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Os Galegos de Guildford. Unha aproximación dende a xeografía cultural

Universitat de Barcelona
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  • Economics


In this article I will explain what happened when galician people migrated to Guildford (Surrey). Through an inquiry, I tried to know which were the experiences of the inmigrants and also to study migration from a most qualitative point of view. My purpose is to compare the different ways os focusing the studies about migration with other investigations. The objective is to show that the migratory movements need something more than a data analysis, there are experiences and fealings behind that have to be taken into account. As a demonstration, I include two interviews that I made during in my stay in Guildford. As a conclussion I have to talk about the problem of the second generations, they don´t want to come back to Galicia in the majority of the cases. I also have to mention that the amounts of money sent by inmigrants have a great socioeconomical repercussion, as well as a probable afluency of returns when they get retired.

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