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Abomasal cryptosporidiosis in mountain gazelles

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Abomasal cryptosporidiosis in mountain gazelles. The Volume 121 Number 16 October 17, 1987 wterinary Recoid Journal of the British Veterinary Association Comment Veterinarians and animal welfare News and Reports UK veterinary science in Montreal RCVS President joins education review SCOTTISH VETERINARY INVESTIGATION SERVICE NSAIDs, new treatments and new diseases Vets should take the lead on welfare News in Brief Products and Services Biological Counci l Lecture What the animal welfare movement expects of the veterina- rian (C. Hollands) Papers and Art icies Protection against respiratory disease in calves induced by vaccines containing respiratory syncytial virus, Para- influenza types 3 virus, Mycoplasma bovis and M dispar (C. J. Howard and others) Assessment of an oxfendazole pulsed release bolus for control of parasitic gastroenteritis in calves in a rota- tional grazing System (G. B. B. Mitchell) Short Communicat ions Abomasal cryptosporidiosis Pospischil and others) in mountain gazelies (A. 361 36.1 362 362 362 363 365 366 364 364 367 367 372 372 377 379 379 Small Animal Abstracts 380 British Veterinary Association 381 Death 381 Diary 381 Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons 382 Awards available 382 Letters 382 Liver biopsy in ragwort poisoning (C. S. Lombardo de Barros and others) 382 Serological Classification of Pasteurella multocida (G. R. Carter) 382 Paratuberculosis in dairy cattle (M. J. Prince) 383 A new coccidial stage (M. W. Gregory and others) 383 Statistics and common sense (M. Hugh-Jones) (A. J. Proud) 383 When to spay (J. Gourley) 384 'A brush with etorphine' (K. W. Bentley) 384 Adverse reactions (A. Gray) 384 Stolen horse ambulance (C. J. House) 384 Times are changing (G. W. Henry) 384 Postscript 384 THE VETERINARY RECORD is published by the British Veterinary Association. It was founded in 1888 by William Huntmg. FRCVS. Editor, Edward Boden; dep

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