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Letter from Albert Rothenberg to Joshua Lederberg

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ALBERT ROTHENBERG M.D., Principal Invertigator Professor of Psychiatry University of Connecticrtt Schotil of Medicine Farmington, Connecticut Yale Unive?rit New Haven, t! onnetticnt Mailing address: 139 Webb Circle Monroe. Connecticut 06468 Phone: 203:268-4137 January 24, 1978 Professor Joshua Lederberg Chairman, Department of Human Genetics Stqnford University Palo Alto, California Dear Professor Lederberg: I don’t know whether you remember me but you were kind enough to spend some time with me discussing creativity and being tested some years ago. You also contributed some very helpful comments in a subsequent correspondence. I am writing now to extend my congratulations to you on your appointment as President of Rockefel ter University. I cannot imagine a more perfect choice. As coincidence would have it, I happen to be discussing currently a project on creativity in science with Rockefeller’s Rodney Nichols. If you have the time when you arrive on the scene, perhaps I shall also be able to discuss it with you. With all best wishes for your future satisfaction and success, l Sincerely, Albert Rothenberg, M. D . -d AR:ml

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