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Petrographic properties of major coal seams in Turkey and their formation

International Journal of Coal Geology
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DOI: 10.1016/j.coal.2009.03.006
  • Coal
  • Coal Geology
  • Coal Petrography
  • Turkish Coals
  • Depositional Environment Of Coals
  • Coal Usages In Turkey
  • Coal Ranks Of Turkish Coals
  • Formation Of Turkish Coals
  • Chemistry


Abstract Most types of coal in Turkey are generally low in rank: lignite, and subbituminous. Most of the coal was formed during the Miocene, Eocene, and Pliocene ages. There are only a few thin Jurassic-age coal occurrences in Turkey. Pennsylvanian age bituminous coal is found on the Black Sea coast. General implications of the petrographic properties of Turkey's coal seams and coal deposits have not yet been taken into consideration comparatively or as a whole. For this study, about 190 channel samples were collected from different locales. The composite profile samples of the seams were taken into considerations. The content and depositional properties as well as some chemical and physical properties of the main coal seams are compared. All coal samples tend to have similar coal petrographic properties and were deposited in intermontane lacustrine basins. Later, they were affected by faulting and post-depositional volcanic activity. As a result, there are variations in the properties and rank of the coal samples. The most abundant coal maceral group is huminite and the most abundant maceral is gelinite. The liptinite and inertinite contents of the coal are low and the maceral contents of the coals show great similarity. The depositional environments of the all coals are lacustrine dominated.

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