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Vyhodnocení potenciálu území okresu Kladno z hlediska výstavby VTE

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Obnovitelné Zdroje Energie
  • Větrné Elektrárny
  • Krajinný Ráz
  • Ochrana Přírody A Krajiny
  • Renewable Energy
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Landscape
  • Nature Conservation And Landscape
  • Ecology
  • Law


This thesis deals with the issue of renewable energy with a focus on wind energy from wind power. The work is divided into three basic parts. The first part presents basic information about the renewable and legislative support at the Czech Republic and the European Union. Furthermore, in a nutshell describes the use of wind energy, its history, the technology, the impact of wind turbines on the fauna, flora and especially the influence on the landscape. The second part is the interest of the district is positively assessed according to the methodology Sklenička, Vorel (2009) published in the Journal of the Ministry of Environment. The output ratings are the areas on which it will be possible to implement wind power. The third part is a case study of the construction of wind power is applied methodology assessing the impact of the proposed construction, activities or changes in land use on the landscape (Vorel et al., 2006). The output is a textual review whether the intention of submitting a negative or positive impact on the landscape and that this construction can be allowed for implementation. The conclusion is a summary of the findings.

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