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Planning of Pastoral Work in a Parish Community - Position and Role of the Economic Council

Catholic Faculty of Theology, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek; [email protected]
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  • Poslanje Crkve
  • Vjernici Laici
  • župna Zajednica
  • župno Pastoralno Vijeće
  • župno Ekonomsko Vijeće
  • Pastoralni Plan župe
  • Evangelizacija
  • Novčana Sredstva
  • Financiranje župe
  • Mission Of The Church
  • The Lay Faithful
  • Parish Community
  • Parish Pastoral Council
  • Parish Economic Council
  • Parish Pastoral Plan
  • Evangelisation
  • Financial Funds
  • Financial Support Of The Parish
  • Economics
  • Law
  • Political Science


In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council and on the basis of the new Code on Canon Law (1983) there has been a growing awareness of the need for radical changes in certain pastoral structures. This is related to the formation of special bodies, that is to say councils, which will ensure generously proportioned participation of the lay faithful in the life and work of a parish community. Except for the pastoral council, the parish economic council is also of the great importance. It would provide advice and help parish priests with the administration of the material goods. The importance of the economic council in democratic societies is increasing, for the faithful are getting more and more sensitive about the way their donations – the money given to the Church - are spent, and there is a greater need for transparency in the administration of this money. The author starts with the statement that the role of the parish economic council is highly determined by the correct interpretation of the very essence and mission of the Church. This means in the first place that in the missionary circumstances in which the Church has found itself, besides rebuilding and construction of churches and the Eucharist , the economic council should direct its efforts towards pastoral work in the parish, which should be more evangelical and provide the necessary financial support to. It is therefore of the greatest importance that a parish has its own pastoral plan and programme, which would support more active participation of parishioners, enhance their spiritual union and new evangelisation aimed at catching the attention of the new or yet not engaged faithful. The council should also increase responsiveness of parishioners to make them support and help in the realisation of pastoral programmes. This does not mean the council should only provide the necessary room and means, or wages for the parish priest, it should also organise parish animators for different segments of pastoral work, for there is no modern parish community without them. If parishioners see that their money is invested in valuable programmes and in people who lead to creation of the “new face” of their parish community, they will be more motivated to give their own contribution. By providing the new guidelines for the work of the parish economic council, this article shows the new, more significant role of this council in the planning and realisation of pastoral work in a parish community. This, of course, means special preparations of parish priests and the other faithful as well, particularly the members of the council, for the purpose of increasing the confidence, cooperation and joint responsibility of everybody involved, especially the parishioners with greater responsibility, such as members of pastoral and economic councils.

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