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Speaking note for Mr. Richard Burke, Member of the Commission of the European Communities, to the EP Transport Committee hearing on aviation policy, competition and tariff structure. Brussels, 29 February 1980

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untitled SPEAKING NOTE for Mr. Richard Burke, Member of the Commission of the European Communities to the EP Transport Committee Hearing on aviation policy - competition and tariff structure, February 29, 1980 Brussels Mr Chairman, I do not feel it necessary to set out in detail the Commission's ideas on competition and tariffs in the air transport sector, which are detailed in the memorandum published Last July. I should, however, Like to say how much the Commission appreciates the amount of work which your Committee is prepared to put into its examination of the issues raised in the memorandum, and of related issues. As you know, the memorandum is designed to stimulate an in-depth debate, with a view to identifying the ways in which the Community can most use- fully contribute to the development of this important sector. The debate is welL launched, and I fully expect that when you have completed your series of hearings, we will have a very clear idea of the main trends of opinion and, I believe, of the order of priorities. As you know, we spoke briefly of the memorandum in the plenary session of Parliament last October. In December Last, the Council also had a brief discussion which, while not going into any detail, nevertheless allowed us to form an idea of the broad lines of approach which the Governments of the Member States are likely to take. collsvs Text Box collsvs Note Completed set by collsvs - 2 - There has also been a considerable amount of discussion outside the Community institutions. From what I have heard and read so far, I conclude that the Commission has succeeded in identifying the key issues. There is some evidence in decisions recently taken by airlines to suggest that some of the sugges- tions made in the memorandum reflect , if I may say so, a realistic approach to some of today's problems. Your topics today are competition and tariffs. Paragraphs 68 to 75 of the memorandum set

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