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2-D silver(I) coordination polymer with octakis (benzylsulfany1) naphthalene and twisted naphthalene structure

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  • Silver(I) Complex
  • Octakis (Benzylsulfanyl) Naphthalene
  • Octakis (Phenylsulfanyl) Naphthalene
  • Two-Dimensional Sheet Structure
  • Twisted Naphthalene Ring
  • Mathematics


The silver(I) complexes of octakis(benzylsulfanyl)naphthalene (obsn), [Ag_4(obsn)(C_2F_5COO) 4_]_2 0.7(CH_2Cl_2) 1 and octakis(phenylsulfanyl)naphthalene (ophn), [Ag_6(ophn)(C_2F_5COO)_6(H_2O)_2] 2 have been prepared and these molecular structure were determined by X-ray crystallography. In 1, the silver ion prefers tetrahedral coordination geometry comprised of two S atoms from the obsn molecules and the two O atoms from the counter anion then producing two-dimensional sheet structure. Interestingly, the naphthalene ring in the complex has large deviations from planarity and end-to-end twists on the order of 32°. On the other hand six sulfur atom of ophn coordinate with silver(I) ion and naphthalene ring of complex 2 has almost planar structure.

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