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G3 Reviewer Index 2012

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GGG004978 1719..1720 I N D E X G3 Reviewer Index 2012 Volume 2, January–December 2012 Below is a list of individuals who have reviewed manuscripts for G3: GenesjGenomesjGenetics during the preparation of volume 2 (2012). The aim of G3: GenesjGenomesjGenetics is to communicate high-quality, well-described, useful research, across all areas of genetics and genomics. To succeed, we must recognize what meets our criteria for publication, making sure the presentation is accurate, unambiguous, and easily readable. For this, we depend heavily upon our reviewers, who perform this indispensable service without reward. The quality of the journal strongly reflects the quality of their efforts. We apologize to any reviewer whose name has been inadvertently omitted, and we are sincerely grateful to all. Agrawal, Aneil F. Akhunov, Eduard Alagu, Manickavele Aylor, David L. Baer, Charles F. Baetz, Kristin Baker, Keith Banerjee, Utpal Banerjee, Samprit Barrett, Brent Barstead, Robert Baugh, Ryan Begun, David Biggin, Mark D. Biggins, Sue Bink, Marco Blumenstiel, Justin P. Boeke, Jef Bonneau, Richard Borneman, Anthony Borts, Rhona H. Bosco, Giovanni Boulianne, Gabrielle L. Bowerman, Bruce Bowman, Barry Braendle, Christian Brill, Julie Brisson, Jennifer A. Brown, James B. Brummer, E. Charles Cantor, Rita Castoe, Todd Adam Cenik, Can Chang, Peter L. Churchill, Gary A. Clark, Andrew G. Coate, Jeremy Comeron, Josep M. Cooper, Tim Cooper, Sara Costanzo, Michael Cram, Erin Cramer, Patrick Crosby, William L. Crossa, Jose Cui, Yuehua Cutter, Asher D. Cyert, Martha Damert, Annette Davey, Megan J. Davis, Dana A. de Andrade, Mariza de Freitas, Thales Renato Ochotorena Deo, Rahul Derti, Adnan Desplan, Claude Didelot, Xavier Dilks, Holli Douches, David Dresser, Michael Dunham, Maitreya Duvaux, Ludovic J. A. Edger, Patrick Ehrenreich, Ian Emerson, Kevin Erdman, Scott E. Espenshade, Peter Estelle, Mark Ewer, John Farber, Charles Fellers, John Feltus, Frank A. Fernando, Rohan Luigi Fiumera, Heather L. Flibotte, Stephan

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