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Nørregaard, Jesper



Jesper Nørregaard - DTU Orbit (27/05/14) Jesper Nørregaard - DTU Orbit (27/05/14) Jesper Nørregaard Department of Photonics Engineering Denmark [email protected] Fiber Sensors and Supercontinuum Generation Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology Ørsteds Plads, 345 Ø DK-2800, Kgs. Lyngby Denmark [email protected] Mobile: 40352165 DTU Danchip 13/04/10 to 24/05/14 NIL Technology Diplomvej 381, 371-372, Centrifugevej 2800, Kongens Lyngby Denmark [email protected] Mobile: 31111757 Publications: Injection molding tools with micro/nano-meter pattern The present invention relates to methods for embedded a micrometer and/or nanometer pattern into an injection molding tool. In a first main aspect, a micro/nanometer structured imprinting device is applied in, or on, an active surface so as to transfer the micro/nanometer patterned structure to the tool while the imprinting device is, at least partly, within a cavity of the injection molding tool. In a second main aspect, a base plate with a micro/nanometer structured pattern positioned on an upper part is positioned on the active surface within the tool, the lower part of the base plate facing the tool, the active surface receiving the base plate being non-planar on a macroscopic scale. Both aspects enable a simple and effective way of transferring the pattern, and the pattern may be transferred on the active working site of tool immediately prior to molding without the need for extensive preparations or remounting of the tool before performing the molding process. General information State: Published Organisations: Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology, Optofluidics, Polymer Micro & Nano Engineering Authors: Kristensen, A. (Intern), Kamp Nielsen, T. (Ekstern), Søgaard, E. (Intern), Nørregaard, J. (Intern), Olsen, B. B. (Intern), Smistrup, K. (Intern) Publication date: 2011 Publication information Country: Denmark IPC: B29C45/37 Patent number: WO2011038741 Date: 07/04/11

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