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Intracellular solute concentractons in marine bacteria.

McGill University
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  • Agricultural Bacteriology.
  • Marine Bacteria.
  • Medicine


Recently much information has accumulated indicating specific functions of inorganic ions, especially Na⁺ in the nutrition and metabolism of marine bacteria. A number of marine bacteria have been reported to have a specifie Na+ requirement for growth and for optimal metabolism. The function of the ions has been considered to be more than a simple osmotic effect, since evidence has been obtained, indicating that inorganic ions play a major part in the maintenance of the integrity of the cell wall. It has also been shown, recently, that Na⁺ is involved in the penetration of substrates into cells of marine bacteria. Since marine bacteria appear to have special requirements for inorganic ions for growth, transport and the maintenance of cell wall integrity, the knowledge of intracellular ion concentrations are of particular importance to an understanding of the relation of marine bacterial cells to their environment. Only one marine bacterium has so far been examined in any detail in this connection. The aim of this investigation has been to study ion distributions and the conditions affecting ion uptake in three other marine bacterial species. In this study the actual intracellular Na⁺, K⁺ and Cl⁻ concentrations have been determined directly and the penetration and the exchange of Na²² isotope into the cells has been measured. [...]

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