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Využití nástroje FLASH v reklamních animacích

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze
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  • Animace
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  • Bitmapa
  • Grafika
  • Swf
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  • Flash
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  • Animation
  • Vector
  • Bitmap
  • Graphics
  • Swf
  • Gif
  • Flash
  • Actionscript


The animations change the static pictures into the movable ones. By special recording and then fast playing a lot of pictures one by one, which differ only by details, it looks like moving. This way of playing makes the best of imperfection of human eye, which considers fast changing like a smooth moving. By progress from original, hand drawn pictures, there is less work difficulty, and author´s personality reflects in usage of computer graphic effects, like bitmap and vector graphics. Not only there is less work difficulty, but the effect can contain more colors, be interactive, emits sounds and lasts longer thanks to the technical equipment.Those products of animations can be resized, saved to whatever file type and be almost completely at animator´s will. This is used especially in advertising animations, which goal is to hold watcher´s interest, even for a moment and target the largest spectrum of visitors by all age, interests and gender, because they are potential customers.

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