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Chapter 18. Development of nanostructured slide coatings for automotive components

Elsevier Science & Technology
DOI: 10.1016/s1572-3364(08)55018-x


Publisher Summary This chapter outlines the development of nanostructured slide coatings for automotive components. Slide coatings combine the high mechanical and thermal stability of metallic sliding surfaces with the superior tribological performance of modern polymeric composites. Therefore, they are indispensable components in the manufacturing of light-weight, high-power, and safe vehicles. With the advent of high-performance composites, slide coatings are increasingly used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications, for example, in the engine compartment. The chapter discusses structure–property relationships for the achievement of a high operating temperature and a high-compression loading capability for two of the most important polymeric matrices: epoxy resins (EPs) and polyamide imide (PAI). The beneficial effect of nanoparticulate fillers on the tribology of slide coatings is demonstrated in the chapter on the basis of three current applications from the automotive industry: slide coatings for piston skirts, polymer/metal-slide bearings for high-temperature bearing applications, and the use under boundary lubrication. Nanosized fillers can also provide auxillary functions, such as, the reduction of a composite's thermal resistance by the incorporation of a nanofiller with high thermal conductivity.

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