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Synthesis and Langmuir Studies of Bivalent and Monovalent $\alpha$-D-Mannopyranosides with Lectin Con A

American Chemical Society
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  • Organic Chemistry
  • Inorganic & Physical Chemistry


Highly avid interaction between carbohydrate ligands and lectin receptors nominally requires the ligand presentation in a clustered form.Wepresent herein an approach involving Langmuir monolayer formation of the sugar ligands and the assessment of their lectin binding at the air-water interface. Bivalent $\alpha$-Dmannopyranoside containing the glycolipid ligand was used to study its binding profiles with lectin Con A, in comparison to the corresponding monovalent glycolipid. In addition to the bivalent and monovalent nature of the glycolipid ligands at the molecular level, the ligand densities at the monolayer level were varied with the aid of a nonsugar lipid molecule so as to obtain mixed monolayers with various sugarnonsugar ratios. Lectin binding of bivalent and monovalent ligands at different ratios was monitored by differential changes in the surface area per molecule of the mixed monolayer, with and without the lectin. The present study shows that maximal binding of the lectin to the bivalent ligand occurs at lower sugar densities at the interface ( $\sim10%$ sugar in the mixed monolayer) than for that of the monovalent ligand ( $\sim20%$ sugar in the mixed monolayer). It is observed that complete coverage of the monolayer with only the sugar ligands does not allow all of the sugars to be functionally active.

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