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От теории предприятия к теории стратегического управления

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  • D23 - Organizational Behavior
  • Transaction Costs
  • Property Rights
  • D21 - Firm Behavior: Theory
  • L2 - Firm Objectives
  • Organization
  • And Behavior
  • D02 - Institutions: Design
  • Formation
  • And Operations
  • P31 - Socialist Enterprises And Their Transitions
  • D01 - Microeconomic Behavior: Underlying Principles
  • L1 - Market Structure
  • Firm Strategy
  • And Market Performance


The paper suggests one of the possible approaches to formulation of structure and content of corporate strategic management theory. The paper formulates requirements to the theory of enterprise, essential for using the theory as a basis of strategic management theory structure, including requirement of completeness, systematic approach and dynamic description of company's functioning. Methods to overcome static features of system-integrated theory of enterprise are indicated. The author develops this theory as integral generalizing concept of modern enterprise by introducing into theory structure the concept of an event as a short-term change of different areas and subsystems of a company. The role of an event as an integral element of strategic management system is disclosed. The necessity of including in the strategy of enterprise the section devoted to the strategy of event management is justified.

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