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Spatial resolution limits for the reconstruction of acoustic source strength by inverse methods

Journal of Sound and Vibration
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DOI: 10.1016/s0022-460x(02)01452-9
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  • Musicology
  • Physics


Abstract One method for deducing the strength of an acoustic source distribution from measurement of the radiated field involves the inversion of the matrix of frequency response functions relating the field measurement points to the strengths of a number of point sources used to represent the source distribution. In practice, the frequency response function matrix to be inverted may very often be ill-conditioned. This ill-conditioning will also often result in an ill-posed problem and thus regularization algorithms are used to produce reasonable solutions. For this purpose, Tikhonov regularization has been applied, and generalized cross-validation (GCV) has been introduced as an effective method for determining the proper amount of regularization without prior knowledge of either the source distribution or the contaminating errors. In the present work, the emphasis is placed on the relationship between the spatial resolution of the reconstructed source distribution and the small singular values of the frequency response function matrix to be inverted. However, the use of Tikhonov regularization often suppresses the effect of small singular values and these are in turn often associated with high spatial frequencies of the source distribution. Thus, the process of regularization produces a useful estimate of the acoustic source strength distribution but with a limited spatial resolution. Furthermore, in the field of Fourier acoustics, the spatial resolution of the reconstructed source distribution is usually limited by the wavelength of the radiation. This paper expresses the relationship between estimation accuracy, spatial resolution, noise-level and source/sensor geometry, when a range of inverse sound radiation problems are regularised using Tikhonov regularization with GCV. The results presented form the basis of guidelines that enable the reconstruction of acoustic source strength with a resolution that is finer than the intrinsic half-wavelength limit.

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