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Finite elasto-plastic analysis of torsion problems using different spin tensors

International Journal of Plasticity
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DOI: 10.1016/0749-6419(92)90051-d


Abstract In this work three tests are selected for evaluating the anticipated material behavior of ductile metals subjected to finite strains. The objective of this work is to test the appropriateness of certain expressions for the plastic spin used to describe the corotational stress rates, and the evolution equations for the backstress. The constitutive model used is based on a von Mises type yield function that incorporates both isotropic and kinematic hardening. The formulation is presented in a Eulerian reference system and involves finite deformation. Three torsion problems are selected. In the first problem the outer surface of a hollow circular cylinder bounded by two rigid casings is twisted while the inner surface is fixed. The second and third problems are the torsion of a cylindrical bar with free ends and fixed ends, respectively. Different spin tensors are used in the definitions of the corotational rates of stress and backstress. In particular, a spin tensor that involves the plastic spin is investigated and the results are compared with those of other spins.

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