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Systém minulých časů současné francouzštiny ve srovnání s češtinou (korpusová analýza - Intercorp)

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  • Francouzské Minulé časy
  • Minulý čas V českém Jazyce
  • Vid (Aspect)
  • Analýza
  • Intercorp
  • Past Tenses In French
  • Past Tense In Czech
  • Aspect
  • Analysis
  • Intercorp


This Bachelor`s thesis explores the system of past times of the French language. The aim of this work is to describe in detail what the possibilities are in expressing the past time in the French and Czech language. It is divided in two main parts which are composed of 4 chapters. The first part, divided in three chapters, describes how in theory the past times are formed in French, what there usage is and what the key differences between them are. It also addresses the issues of expressing the past in the Czech language and the problematic of perfective or imperfective aspect. In the practical part which is processed in a parallel body Intercorp the thesis aims to justify the theoretical findings of the first part.

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