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Cystic Dilation of the Aqueductus Sylvii in Case of Trisomy 17p11.2—pter with the Deletion of the Terminal Portion of the Chromosome 6

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Since the 1970s, about 30 cases of partial or complete trisomy 17p have been presented in the literature. Partial trisomies of the short arm of chromosome 17 are somewhat more common, but complete trisomy is quite rare. Most of these cases were described in infants and newborns; and to our knowledge only 3 cases of trisomy 17p have been detected intrauterine. Phenotypic features of trisomy 17p in fetuses are intrauterine growth retardation, ventriculomegaly, cleft lip and cleft palate, micrognathia, horseshoe kidneys, single umbilical artery, and congenital heart defects. The sonographic and foetopathologic findings of a pregnancy trisomy 17p11.2—pter with the deletion of the terminal portion of the chromosome 6 due to paternal balanced translocation are described in this case report.

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