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Light Weight Manual Lifting Robot

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Projek Sarjana Muda (PSM) or Final Year Project is an academic research regarding research field that is compulsory for each of final year student of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), before being awarded a degree. The purpose of PSM is to enhance student’s knowledge and capability to complete the task given within academic research in order to produce a productive and competent engineer. In this paper, a Light Weight Manual Lifting Robot has been designed and fabricated. Lifter robot is used in wide variety of material for purpose of transfer and lifting applications. It lifts a product from one spot in the manufacturing process, traveling through the following line and drops it into another location, automatically. This robot is being manufactured in order to eliminate the use of human strength in order to lift things for the manual transfer application. Conceptually, for this project, the robot used manual system that includes a handling device which is hand hold controller, actuated by an operator. The hand hold controller will function as a link between the robot operator and the robot controller circuit which determined the robot movements. The robot is designed so that it is light weight and developed with steady base support and well function of lifting mechanism in order to enhance the performance of the robot. The construction of this robot can be divided into two different areas which are electrical and electronic component, and mechanical part. The electrical constructions consist of motor driver unit, PIC controller unit, hand hold controller, and the wiring to the robot, while the mechanical constructions consist of robot base and lifting mechanism. At the end, the robot which consists of an electrical circuit to control the robot operations using hand hold controller, can be fully integrated with light weight and stable mechanical structure. The robot also includes a smooth operation of lifting mechanism.

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