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Letter from Joshua Lederberg to Max Zelle

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. Maroh 7, 1952 Dear litaxr To arumr ~uRtqcestion aboct advertfeting airculsre: Us3 Berman was the only applicant worth any oonsideration t&&e evoked in this way. Houever , I would imagine that a larger, and more compaot depart- ment m&&t do very well. I only sent out a wry few such letters (about 15) atid I jr;st thfnk &at there V;Bren’t any suitable prospeats. i&m kivdy noa hs a gooC Froopect for a verg apprqriate job. I may very well regret not keeping her on, but there just wasn’t thu apace trj i3ontinW a aupurnuf~rary on a prGjact that a’98 not the im- mediMe &oous e We have soma body of Wqrmation now on single segre- gant elon83a (fro13 pl;rltLngs of ningle-eell. aicrooeilonles of H-226 and H-267). This doeo not alter the gsneril piatura oary much, and some complementaries e0 pr3v&ent tzpe8 are not represcntsd, even 3totiatfcaLly, I ziz greatly tempted to throw out all of our K-12 oultures that have a history of fa.&fqp?lC t,reat33t?t. ir’sther I-l&a >een 30134 new seti of auxo- trophs ae spontaneous (but selected) mutants, and I hope theee will give a bettir goner&l picture. Rether than t&e tiirts TV repeat Y lot of detaIla, I am csnclwin~ R trumxlar,v G, C currerlt stuff from a Frogress report that h&to be rni~ogra~h& nrighow. xay I ask just Theta tile hat. cwttq~ is at ~~;rnell? I thcqht you were Prof. of D&.ry Industry, but your last letter had Baoterfolo8y undsr your naineb~ Joe hua Lederberg .

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