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Eight {$\gamma$}-ray Pulsars Discovered in Blind Frequency Searches of Fermi LAT Data

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  • Gamma Rays: General
  • Open Clusters And Associations: Individual: Westerlund 2
  • Pulsars: General
  • Pulsars: Individual: Psr J1023{\Ndash}5746 Psr J1044{\Ndash}5737 Psr J1413{\Ndash}6205 Psr J1429{\Nd
  • X-Rays: Individual: Cxou J102302.8{\Ndash}574606 Xmmu J205549.4+253959


We report the discovery of eight {$\gamma$}-ray pulsars in blind frequencysearches of \ {}650 source positions using the Large Area Telescope (LAT),on board the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. We present the timingmodels, light curves, and detailed spectral parameters of the newpulsars. PSRs J1023-5746, J1044-5737, J1413-5205, J1429-5911, and ...

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