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  • Mukaddimah Jurnal


This article will try to examine various leaming and teaching me1hods that were been in the world ofeducation. To increase equality ofeduca1ion in lhe schools is and must by improving process and method ofleaming and teaching. ldeas, initiative, concepts, and new insights ofprocess and method of leaming and teaching for tear.hers and students have been arise and developed along with progressing of science and technology significantty. There are many learning and teaching method, e.g.: method of speech, discussion, experiment, homework, recitation, or contemporary method like quantum teaching and accelerated leaming. The effective method in learning and teaching was depend on the situation and condition of audiences or students, on the problem that hadfaced. Today, it is timefor the teachers or lecturer to use various methods according to the purposes that will be reached after the cUtss. All is used to produce confidence, creative, innovative, critical, and democratical alumnus whose entire potential are built.

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