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WWW prezentace firmy MOLBUD s.r.o.

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The destination of this work is created modern, purpot luxurious a good working website, sight on the new customer of the MOLBUD s.r.o company.Try to created original website of this company, which is interesting in directly conversant website.Reach up, try to differentiate for other competitions and offer to customer the most atractive website prezentation, with good navigation, function parts on the website, include high-quality logical data design, for most common users nice graphic website and all of these points in observance and keeping majority recommanded processes in creation for the handicapped citizens, eventually at all augmented devices and units, which are able to portray in website.The website is possible to portray on mobile devices, eventually on PDA. Single aplication these websites is divided to two parts, in light of function and technical processing, so using for company.The first part of this application the website are single websites of company as the case may be web prezentation company.This part serves for all users and potencional customers such as i informational, includes propose offer services, all necessity about services,all needed informations about services, kontkat informations on company, the company bill services and products, reference and many others data which are relative to company. Second part company aplication, which iam interesting in my bachelor thesis is so called extranet-centrum for customers. This part serves only for customers this company MOLBUD s.r.o, who are in database and has been using company services. This customer centre is to serve both customers and employees, so for workers MOLBUD s.r.o. company.His primary function is make easy and secure communication between company and customer.Customer has the chance in the centre for customer, remake his invoicing and many others datas, change the passwords and settings his services, choose style invoicing beetwen him and company MOLBUD s.r.o, next extrant is also place where customer can take secure tax papers for the services of MOLBUD s.r.o.Extranet also contains even secure contact formulary, which which enables absolutely safe communication beetwen him and the company.

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