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High-rate of multiple genital HPV infections detected by DNA hybridization

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  • Human Health Sciences :: Immunology & Infectious Disease [D12]
  • Sciences De La Santé Humaine :: Immunologie & Maladie Infectieuse [D12]


Cervical smears collected from 450 patients involved in a clinical follow-up of cervical human papillomaviruses (HPV) infections were screened for the presence of HPV 6b, 11, 16, and 18 DNA by both dot blot and southern blot hybridization methods. Using very high stringency hybridization assays, the four HPV types could be easily distinguished by dot blotting. After a preliminary clinical sorting, 42.9% of the samples were found to be HPV-positive. Among the samples infected by a single HPV, type 16 was the most frequent (25.4% of the positive samples) followed by 6b (19.7%), 11 (8.3%), and 18 (7.2%). Double or even multiple infections by the different HPV types were detected at a very high rate (39.4% of the positive samples).

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