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Letter from Tracy M. Sonneborn to M. Demerec

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Dr. 3s. Demereu Carn3gia Institute of Washington Cu3.d Spring 8arbor Long xsl;tnd, Hew York Dear Dr. Dememu: I ham been wanting to tite to you for 80rnB ti.tne to congratulate you oz1 your daughteP?a achiev8ment. I think it is great stuff. 3 know you must be very proud of her. But now, the news I hear about you is even mom sxuitirg . Huller just got back from New York and told me about yotw success w&h mutation inductfsn by means of carcinogen8. This is one of ths most ex- citing Wings 1 heard for D long time, You cerkai&y d88%PV% Sp8Cid. CGnlyrattitiOnS I’CZ It, %‘Xi 1 WiSh YOII the very best of luck in f&lowing up this great lead. CordiaUy yours, T. W. Sonneborn

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