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The objective of this bachelor project is to produce an example of a technological broadcasting communication of unknown sounds of The Unheard Avant-garde, which is part of the LARM projects. <br/><br/>LARM is a project in which several players are involved and where the common objective is to archive and disseminate novel audio files. This project includes several major tasks such as archiving and categorizing the files, but also developing platforms which can send the files to various target audiences.<br/><br/>The project, suggests among other things, a new way to communicate unprecedented audio files for consumptions and exploration through a visual user interface. The proposal is based on the idea that the user interface can be presented in exhibitions, where visitors can explore the sound files. However, the user interface is developed in a flexible manner which allows transformation into other contexts, so that other potential end-users will benefit from it. The intention of the user interface is to provide the possibility of an explorative interaction type, reminiscent of already well-known fantasy universes where users can interact with the system. The objective here is to offer the user means to explore the unknown sound, and also a possibility to share user experiences. Thus the user interface delivers a searching behavior in which the system can be a replacement or an alternative to conventional search engines, where the user can enter free text. <br/><br/>In other words, the general focus is to offer a way to customize the product based on the potential end users purposes.<br/><br/>Through this project, we are uncovering which factors are relevant to consider in relation to a transmission of unknown sound. A description of how archiving and categorizing can take place in this context will be provided, and illustrated through prototypes. Next, a description of how features can be developed and a framework be provided will be suggested in order to offer potential end users a unique and complete experience when interacting with the system. After these issues are addressed, we will attempt to clarify the functions and development proposals which together can provide a framework for a platform which invites users to explore the unknown sound.<br/>

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