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Planktonic foraminifera in ODP Hole 160-963A

Publication Date
DOI: 10.1594/pangaea.778342
  • 160-963A
  • Counting >125 µM Fraction
  • Drilling
  • Globigerina Bulloides
  • Globigerinita Glutinata
  • Globigerinoides Ruber
  • Globorotalia Inflata
  • Globorotalia Scitula Dextral
  • Globorotalia Scitula Sinistral
  • Globorotalia Truncatulinoides
  • Globoturborotalita Tenella
  • Hastigerina Siphonifera
  • Joides Resolution
  • Leg160
  • Neogloboquadrina Dutertrei
  • Neogloboquadrina Pachyderma Dextral
  • Neogloboquadrina Pachyderma Sinistral
  • Ocean Drilling Program
  • Odp
  • Odp Sample Designation
  • Orbulina Spp
  • Sample Code/Label
  • Steinforthia Davisi
  • Strait Of Sicilia
  • Turborotalia Quinqueloba


New faunal and floral records from Ocean Drilling Project Hole 963A, resolved at ?80-year spacing, provide evidence of suborbital scale climate variability in the central Mediterranean Sea throughout Marine Isotope Stage (MIS) 5. Cold events in the central Mediterranean Sea, indicated by low abundances of warm species and high abundances of cold species, are also evident in a planktonic foraminifera paleoclimatic curve. They have been linked to NGRIP Greenland ice core "C" events and appear correlative with similar sub-millennial climate fluctuations identified in the North Atlantic region and in the Alboran Basin (Westernmost Mediterranean). Low-resolution benthic and planktonic Oxygen Isotope fluctuations parallel trends in the surface records evidenced by planktonic assemblage fluctuations, bolstering their interpretation as climate proxies. Climate events also occur in the Mediterranean between named "C" events, and may be coeval with additional climate events identified recently in the western subtropical Atlantic. Hence, we propose that frequent climate oscillations during MIS 5 characterize both sides of the mid-latitude North Atlantic, perhaps indicating millennial scale variations in mid-latitude atmospheric patterns.

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