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Portal vein resection with a new antithrombogenic catheter

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  • Medicine


Abstract Curative resection of pancreatic and hepatobiliary tumors is rarely possible because of local invasion, especially into the portal vein. We developed a new antithrombogenic catheter using a heparinized hydrophilic polymer to allow portal vein bypass during resection of tumors invading the portal vein. Pancreatectomy or hepatectomy accompanied by portal vein resection was performed for pancreatic or hepatobiliary cancer, with an intraoperative shunt from the superior mesenteric vein to the femoral vein or from the superior mesenteric vein to the intrahepatic portal vein through the umbilical vein or the hepatic hilar portal vein. Use of the shunt prevented stasis in the superior mesenteric vein and hepatic ischemia even during prolonged occlusion of the portal vein, and portal vein resection was performed in 81 patients with hepatobiliary and pancreatic disease with greater safety and ease.

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