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시.군 통합의 성과에 관한 연구 - 티보의 가설 적용을 중심으로-

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  • 티보의 가설
  • 행정구역개편
  • 시군통합
  • Political Science


This article has tried to verify the hypothesis which Lyons and Lowery(1989) applied by re-applying toward the current situation of Korea. The hypothesis were developed from Tibout's public choice model based on the local residents' preference. The test of the hypothesis will not only confirm if there is any outcome of city-county consolidation from the local residents' perspective but become a theoretical basis for either consolidation or division in future. Therefore, the paper has tested the hypothesis aimed at both consolidated city and non-consolidated about how much residents satisfy with their current lives and are happy with the details on how well the public service was informed to residents, how much the local government is trustworthy, and how much residents actively participate. One of few significant facts were found from the study is that unexpected result has been drawn by the hypothesis unlike the expectation of public choice model. Though on the side of residents' trustworthy and effectiveness as well as degree of satisfaction about the policies of the city are met with the expectation of public choice model. In particular, the degree of satisfaction is concurrent with the expectation of public choice theory in all comparable groups.

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