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The specific way of individualization in Germany: a culture-theoretical comparison to the USA

Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
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  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology
  • Sozialwissenschaften
  • Soziologie
  • Individualisierung
  • Usa
  • Deutschland
  • Internationaler Vergleich
  • Dialektik
  • Integration
  • Kultur
  • General Sociology
  • Basic Research
  • General Concepts And History Of Sociology
  • Sociological Theories
  • Allgemeines Zur Soziologie
  • Spezielle Theorien
  • Geschichte Der Soziologie
  • Linguistics
  • Political Science


"The paper examines the sociological reflections of individualization processes in Germany and the USA. In this comparison it appears that German sociology identifies a 'dialectical individualization' whereas sociology in the US ascertains a 'social individualization'. It is elaborated that the actual cause for this difference (which is important for, but mostly ignored in the public-political discourse) is on the one hand the relative cultural inheritance, and on the other hand the developments of post World-War II. Thus, the example of individualization shows that sociological theory has to be more sensitive towards cultural idiosyncrasies and towards specific historical steps in development." (author's abstract)

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