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Ultralow-power GaAs MESFET MSI circuits using two-phase dynamic FET logic

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Two-phase dynamic FET logic (TDFL) gates are used in GaAs MESFET MSI circuits to implement very low power 4-b ripple carry adders and a variable modulus (2 to 31) prescaler. Operation of the adders is demonstrated at 500 MHz with an associated power dissipation of less than 1.0 mW and at 750 MHz with Pd=1.7 mW. The prescaler, which contains 166 TDFL gates and 79 static gates, is shown to operate up to 850 MHz with an associated power dissipation of 9.2 mW from its 1.0-V supply. The operation of the adders and prescalers demonstrates the use of three- and four-input TDFL gates and a completely dynamic TDFL XNOR gate. The TDFL gates in these circuits dissipate only from 14 to 20 nW/MHz

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