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RNA polymerase activity in isolated nuclei of Nicotiana sanderae callus: Characteristics and modulation during differentiation

Indian academy of sciences
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  • Microbiology & Cell Biology


Isolated nuclei from differentiating cultures of Nicotiana sanderae showed increased levels of RNA polymerase activity as compared to the nuclei from callus cultures. The RNA synthetic activity was dependent on nucleotide triphosphates and Mg2+ and was destroyed by RNase. Maximum activity was obtained in the presence of 50 mM (NH4)2 SO4 and α-amanitin inhibited 40% and 55% of the activity in the nuclei from callus and differentiating tissue respectively. The nuclei from differentiating tissue elicited a 3-fold increase in RNA polymerase I and a 4-fold augmentation in RNA polymerase II activities.

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