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Etnografski tezaurus Američkoga folklorističkog društva

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Output file 443 Irena Kolbas Ethnographic Museum Zagreb [email protected] Review Received: December 28, 2007 Accepted: January 8, 2008 Ethnographic Thesaurus of the American Folklore Society In the fall of 2007 the American Folklore Society posted the Ethnographic Thesaurus on its website. As early as 1988 a group has been established with the task to examine the need and possibility of creating a controlled dictionary of folklore. In the year 2000 a Work- group for the ethnographic thesaurus was formed. The group’s work has been fund- ed by five institutions, including the Library of Congress as the world’s central insti- tution for creating thesauruses. The workgroup consists of four members and thirteen advisory board members. The members are: David Betty, lexicographer, a renowned expert in classification and in- dexation; Jill Ann Johnson, subject indexing expert, a trained ethnomusicologist and PhD candidate;1 Camilla H. Mortensen, who is also an expert in subject indexing, holds a PhD in comparative literature; her scientific interests include narrative the- ories and ethnographic ethics; and Kristin Cooper Rainey, database administrator and holder of MA in library sciences and sociolinguistics. The advisory board con- sists of distinguished folklorists, librarians, archivists and documentation specialists, who are always up to date with terminology and subject indexing. The content description of the thesaurus states that “it can be used to improve access to information about folklore, ethnomusicology, cultural anthropology, and related fields”. This definition makes it clear that the area of classes and terminology of the thesaurus is very extensive and different than our notions of ethnography. Again, at least two problems emerge: the unclear definitions of “our” profession and different concepts of certain professions. Although it bears the name Ethnographic Thesaurus, it is interesting that the description of its content does not mention ethnography at al

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